Life in Sydney: Sitting on the dock of Neutral Bay

Neutral Bay, Sydney | Big Days Out

Welcome to Sydney. The Harbour City and our new home.  Over the last five weeks, we’ve found ourselves some work and a place to live but first let’s rewind.

On arrival, we set up camp in Rockdale. As a place, it’s awful but the nearest caravan park to central Sydney and that’s all I say on Rockdale. Moving swiftly on, we celebrated our 88 days once again with some dinner and a trip to the Opera Bar, which is naturally the best place to celebrate as you sit in between the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

We were back at the Opera Bar the next day with our friends from the vines, Harry and Emily, who were back in Sydney before departing for the UK. At dinner with them, we got chatting to the waiter, who happened to be from Chichester, where Francesca went to Uni and I went to school, and it turned out he knew some people I knew. More evidence that the world is very small and that Australia is just full of English people.

After the initial few days enjoying Sydney, the realities of needing a job set in. Fortunately, unlike most of Rockdale, the library was actually very nice and due to the usual Australian WIFI issues, it became a regular spot for our job hunt.

To break up the monotony of the search, we took regular trips out and about to explore Sydney. Our first venture out was to one of the Northern Beaches, Manly. Perhaps, one of the best things about Sydney is the ability to travel around via Ferry. Taking the 30-minute ferry ride made us feel like we were heading to an island and on arrival the holiday vibes were confirmed, it felt a world away from Rockdale.

Manly in a nutshell is lovely and has something for everyone. We took a walk along the coast on the wharf side of the town, which is quiet and relaxing with views across the harbour and lined with good-looking houses. Alternatively, the town and Manly beach side is a lot busier. The beach is a huge stretch of sand that is reminiscent of the Gold Coast and the soon to be visited Bondi. Personally, we preferred the quieter wharf side and ended our day with a refreshing pint on the water’s edge before taking a sunset ferry ride back into the harbour. Happy Sundays!

Our next trip out was to the suburb of Newtown, approximately 4km south west of the Central Business District (CBD). Newtown is a fantastic suburb, with most of the action taking place on King Street. Here you will find a million nice eateries and independent shops as well as big support for marriage equality. We loved it so much we returned a couple of weeks later for the Newtown Good Food Fair, which was an excellent Sunday activity, full of you guessed it, lots of brilliant food.

Another Sunday adventure took us to the world famous, Bondi Beach. It is easy to see its appeal and as I’m sure is always the case, it was packed. We did the beach thing: Sunbathe and Ice Cream.  Both Bondi and Manly beaches are fantastic to look at and you can absolutely see why so many people flock to them. They’re a huge part of what makes Sydney so unique, but it did make us appreciate how much we love a quiet and secluded beach.

More trips out have included visiting Darling Harbour, home of the happy hour and great views of the CBD. Plus, two galleries: Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Of course, we didn’t want to have all our fun at once so there is still plenty more to see in the coming months!

So back to the jobs, it took a while as it always does but we’re now both working so we could move from living in our van in Rockdale to a studio flat in Neutral Bay, which is just the loveliest suburb. It’s so quiet with many large and pretty houses plus we’re a mere 30 seconds from the ferry wharf, which gets us over to the CBD in 10 minutes. The best way to travel.

There is also a small and secluded beach, views of the top of the harbour bridge and we’re 15 minutes from the main Neutral Bay area, which is home to some nice bars and restaurants. All in all, it couldn’t really be much better!

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