On the Vines

Our time in Penola came to an unexpected end recently and now we find ourselves on another vineyard a mere hour and a half away in the town of Kingston. Let’s pick up the story.

Rewinding back to when you last joined us, we were living, pruning and drinking free wine in the quaint little town of Penola in South Australia.

Our weekends were mainly filled with the afore-mentioned free wine and making our way through the various eateries the town had to offer whilst avoiding the frequent rain showers. When we were feeling particularly crazy we would take a 30-minute drive to the nearest ‘city’ of Mount Gambier, home to the Blue Lake and the Umpherston Sinkhole.

Unfortunately, as it is winter here at the moment, the lake was grey but as lakes go it’s still not a bad one.

Blue Lake Mount Gambier | Big Days Out

The sinkhole is also very nice and if it was in a bigger place I’m sure it would be a far bigger attraction.

Anyway, enough about our weekend sightseeing, I’m sure you’re all desperate to know why we’re now working on a different vineyard.

A few days prior to our final day there had been murmurings that the work was drying up but we were reassured that this was not the case… Lo and behold we were soon out of a job.

We were less than pleased but at least it gave us a chance to hit the road again. Before we left Penola, we squeezed in some wine tasting with our friends Harry and Emily, which was fun. I don’t know if any of us are any more educated about wine though.

Wine Tasting | Big Days Out

The following day we hit the road to Adelaide to enjoy the weekend with plans to head to Renmark on the Monday, as we were told there were a shortage of workers in that area. Anyway, before all that we stopped in the lovely little town of Robe on the way.

Robe | Big Days Out

After leaving Robe, we made our way through the Mount Benson wine region and decided to pull into a vineyard to see if they knew of any work in the area. For once, we had a stroke of luck and the lady gave us the number of a man who arranges a lot of work in the area. We gave him a call and a short time later he called back with good news. We had a job… just like that! Why did we struggle so much previously?

Now with our spirits high we carried on to Adelaide to enjoy our weekend and “mini holiday” before the work was to begin the following Thursday. Despite the weather, we had a great weekend of eating, drinking and sightseeing but generally it was just good to be back on the road.

Similarly, to Penola but on a larger scale, Adelaide had a real quaint feel to it with some nice architecture. During our time in the city, we visited busy markets, galleries, arcades, a sports ground and witnessed glass blowing as well as going to some lovely bars with good gin!

Adelaide | Big Days Out

On the Monday, we headed back via the small and quirky German settlement of Hahndorf near Adelaide to Kingston which is now our new home for the next few weeks. We relaxed for a couple of days and got used to waking up to a sea view from Morris the Mazda.

View from the van in Kingston | Big Days Out

After a strenuous 2-day week, we yearned desperately for the weekend. We took the 30-minute drive back to the town of Robe as we liked it so much and enjoyed a British seaside day of Fish and Chips, Ice Cream and a drink at the local pub in front of the fire.

As lovely as that was, we can’t wait for some hot weather again and hopefully, we’ll be in Sydney next month as spring arrives but as we’ve learnt with all the plans we’ve made, life ends up getting in the way. Until then we’ll be pruning away on the vines. SNIP! SNIP!

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